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Thanet Liberal Democrats

Jordan and the Lib Dems campaign for a better Newington

Thanet Liberal Democrats are a branch of East Kent Coast Liberal Democrats campaigning for a better Thanet.

For the upcoming 2017 election to the UK Parliment we have selected Martyn Pennington as our candidate for North Thanet and Jordan Williams as our candidate for South Thanet.

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Thanet Liberal News

  • Martyn Pennington 2017
    Article: Jun 11, 2017
    By Martyn Pennington

    When we saw the exit poll results at the Winter Gardens on Thursday evening, our first thought was "it could have been a lot worse!".

    From a purely Lib Dem point of view, we gained a significant increase in the number of MPs, which was a key objective, and the results have shown how close we came to winning several more (we lost Fife North-East by just two votes, and Richmond Park by 45 votes).

  • Tim Farron 2017
    Article: Jun 9, 2017
    By Tim Farron

    Speaking at the National Liberal Club on the day after the general election, Liberal Democrat Leader Tim Farron said:

    This was the hardest of elections, marred by the tragedy of those vile terrorist attacks in Manchester and in London.

    And now the future of our country is less certain than it was when Theresa May called this election a month and a half ago.

  • Air pollution
    Article: Jun 6, 2017

    Why is this not part of the General Election debate, ask the Liberal Democrats.

    Donald Trump's shocking decision to withdraw from the Paris Agreement on Climate Change is a timely reminder of the devastating effects on us all of man-made global warming, from air, river and sea pollution to increased periods of flooding and dramatic reduction in biodiversity. PM May's shameful refusal to sign a letter to Trump condemning this action is a chilling reminder of the UK's need to stay on the right side of Uncle Sam - whoever's in charge - in the wake of severance from our European allies.

  • Police icon
    Article: Jun 5, 2017

    The Liberal Democrats have launched their manifesto with plans for a brighter future, with pledges to reverse Conservative cuts and increase funding for the NHS, schools and police.

    The Party's landmark policy would give the people the final say on the Brexit deal which would include the option to remain in the EU.

  • Economy Image
    Article: Jun 1, 2017
    By Jordan Williams

    While PM May imagined this election would be all about Brexit, it has exposed the widespread destruction of our social services right across the board, as the State continues to shrink before our very eyes: Over 22% reduction in police funding, cutbacks to armed services (crucial to our security in these dangerous times); schools being forced to cut staff and even to seek parental contributions; Sure Start centres closing; unacceptable waiting lists and staff shortages in the clearly underfunded NHS - the list goes on.

  • Lib Dem Europe image
    Article: May 21, 2017
    By Lib Dem Local Press Office

    Last June 37% of the UK electorate voted to leave the European Union not the Single Market - thus 63% did not.

    Since then, Eurosceptics, mainly in the Tory Party, have claimed that a majority of 'the people' wanted out. Since becoming Prime Minister, Mrs May - a one-time Remainer - is bent on steering us to a hard Brexit. This would mean no longer being in the Single Market or the Customs Union.

    "It seems no thought has been given to the potentially economically-damaging consequences of such drastic action by those now in charge," comments South Thanet Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Candidate, Jordan Williams. "As yet we have seen no plan or vision for our future as a people and as a nation. Threatening EU negotiators, as Mrs May recently did, can only make a bad situation worse."

    Williams believes that if the UK were to cut economic ties completely, i.e. Hard Brexit, for Thanet alone, situated along the natural border of the Channel, the result could be disastrous.

    As the Financial Times recently stated, "Without full membership of the Single Market and mutual recognition of standards, companies will face border inspections …. In the era of just-in-time delivery and integrated supply chains here, even a day's hold up can cause problems. This is likely to be of more importance than it was historically.

    All these factors, including the added costs for businesses negotiating new trade deals outside the Single Market, collectively add up to an increase in barriers to trade with Europe - at present our biggest and closest trading partner.

    "The other 'benefits' of leaving, claimed by the victorious leavers, are unknown and somewhat mythical at present," Williams adds. "It looks as if Mrs May's Brexit will create a weak and unstable UK."
    "The Liberal Democrats therefore insist that if, or when, a deal is done with the EU, voters must be given a say."