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East Kent Coast Liberal Democrats

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The official figure for premature deaths from air pollution each year in our towns and cities is 40,000

June 6, 2017 12:43 PM

Air pollutionWhy is this not part of the General Election debate, ask the Liberal Democrats.

Donald Trump's shocking decision to withdraw from the Paris Agreement on Climate Change is a timely reminder of the devastating effects on us all of man-made global warming, from air, river and sea pollution to increased periods of flooding and dramatic reduction in biodiversity. PM May's shameful refusal to sign a letter to Trump condemning this action is a chilling reminder of the UK's need to stay on the right side of Uncle Sam - whoever's in charge - in the wake of severance from our European allies.

Meanwhile, the issues of climate, pollution and renewable energy which should be a priority, have been pushed off the agenda. Thus debate is stifled, leaving voters in the dark.

Ignoring these life-threatening concerns will not make them go away. Matters are made worse by the decision to leave the EU, with the very real risk that the laws carefully thought through and passed (the UK played a big part in the decisions, we must remember) to ensure a halt to further temperature increase and its effects will now be scrapped. We must work along with other countries to be effective.

"The next parliament will have to address these problems head on," says Jordan Williams, Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate for South Thanet.

"Liberal Democrats will work with all Green and Opposition parties to hold the Government to account on dealing with one of the worst hazards facing human society and the rest of the biosphere, as well as promoting our own policies to reduce threats from all aspects and effects of man-made climate change and pollution."

The Liberal Democrat will introduce an Air Quality Plan to reduce air pollution and generate jobs and exports by supporting green industries that manufacture electric and low-emission vehicles.