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George Cunningham’s Manifesto for a better North Thanet - Stronger economy, Fairer society, Opportunities for all

April 15, 2015 12:56 PM
By George Cunningham

Let's get Thanet moving! The same MP has held Thanet North for over 30 years and the economy has not kept up with the rest of the UK, You can't trust UKIP because they will isolate Thanet from the world's richest market. You can't trust Labour locally because they're simply not economically credible. The only sensible choice is Lib Dem. It's time for someone with energy, the right experience, the right skills and the right values to come out fighting for you. I will be your champion. I will fight to get you a better deal.

More money in your pocket

  • The Tories didn't want to do it, but the Lib Dems insisted on raising the personal tax allowance. That will be worth £825 to every taxpayer in 2015. And if we're in government again, we'll slash the starting rate of tax again by another £400.
  • The LibDems have led the way in pension reform and a better deal for pensioners.
  • Free school meals for Reception and year 1 and 2 children in schools across England.
  • Up to £12,000 to working parents to help with the cost of child care.
  • And we've been at the heart of rebuilding the economy.

Our policies and efforts have already put money into the local economy -Margate, Herne Bay, Birchington, Westgate and the surrounding rural areas. But there's far more we have to do and I pledge to do better for our region. Here's my manifesto for local success:

Jobs and growth

  • Don't believe anyone who tells you Thanet can't be as affluent as other parts of the South East.
  • Staying as we are is a recipe for more unemployment, lower skills, lost opportunity and hopelessness.
  • That's not what you want and not what I want.
  • So, what can be done? What do I think we need to do?

Let's make sure Thanet stays open to the world

  • We live in a global economy.
  • Succeeding means working harder to give business what it needs.
  • Working harder to attract new private and public sector investment.
  • Working harder to bring better jobs and higher skills.
  • Working harder to win more of the huge benefits that membership of the EU brings us

Tourism - Aviation- - Conferences - Life Sciences - Alternative Energy - Shipping - Warehousing Distribution - Digital Technologies - Manufacturing - Food Processing - Thanet open to the world.

I will work tirelessly to help the area succeed, including:

  • Making the strongest possible case and attracting investment for Manston to re-open as a viable airport for all types of aviation, aerospace and business activity.
  • A new private/public partnership company to revitalise Ramsgate Harbour, working with South Thanet Lib Dems.
  • I will fight for more initiatives like the Turner Gallery, initiatives that will help grow tourism numbers across Thanet and investment that make it easier, cheaper and faster for tourists to get here.
  • A proper high-speed connection, faster journey times and lower fares on the railways.
  • Winning new European funding for Thanet and support for business start-ups and growth.
  • Attract inward investment, funding and expertise from across the EU to help stimulate our town and village centres.
  • Expanding the apprenticeship programme. Already the Lib Dems have helped created over 2 million apprenticeships in the country.

Unlock the potential of our young people

A better educated society is a richer society. Education and opportunity go together hand and glove. But we have a shocking number of young people leaving school without the skills and abilities they need to build a secure future. That's bad for us all and must be fixed.

  • I want better trained teachers with better resources and real support from politicians. Good teachers are vital to our future prosperity. There are few more valuable people than dedicated and hard-working teachers whose value to society should be properly recognised.
  • I want to free head-teachers from bureaucracy to give them more time to teach and develop the talents, skills and ideas of their staff.
  • I want less regulation from London, more local accountability and more local influence.
  • I will fight to have under performing schools get the best teachers and the best resources. It is time to end forever the scandal of young people leaving school unable to read, write and count. The Conservative leadership in Kent should be ashamed that this area has one of the worst records in England.

ü Everyone should have the chance to learn foreign languages. I will fight for every secondary school to offer a leading Asian language, so that our young people have more opportunities and Britain is more competitive.

A healthier, cleaner, safer and better Thanet

The Tories have failed the health service and can't be trusted with it.

  • Mine is the only party promising to find the money - £8 billion - to sort out the NHS and keep it fit for now and the future
  • These funds will be invested in GP services, mental health and ensuring that the QEQM hospital continues to deliver world class health care, free at the point of use
  • We need greater local input to managing the health service locally and less of the dead hand of Whitehall constantly interfering and putting targets before patient care.
  • We need to be louder in our praise and support for the outstanding people who run the NHS and to support people who expose poor care and bad practice.

And I will also fight to

  • Harness our wind, tidal and solar opportunities and encouraging new environmental businesses
  • Protect our beaches, shaming polluters and making them invest to stop pollution happening.
  • Ensure decent, humane and safe animal welfare policies at local harbours.
  • Stop any new housing developments which will badly affect existing schools, health facilities and green spaces. These developments must have the necessary infrastructure built to support them. We must create real communities that meet human needs.

I will hold surgeries across the constituency and in areas ignored by the existing MP. I will make it easy for you to reach me, meet me and seek my help. I will be your servant and your champion.